Friday, October 23, 2009

So, my hard drive crashed.....

Yes. It did. It had all my clients' web page templates and working files, ALL my work with Sarah from the last 12 years, all my journal entries for the last 10 years (thank goodness I printed several reams of stuff a few years ago!), AND worst of all, all our family photos since our first digital camera in 2004.

I can hear your groans. I know you feel my pain as if it was your own. Weirdly enough, I didn't feel the agony I expected. At all. I just felt at peace, like it was only temporary. So far my dh (webspeak for dear husband since the early 90's, or da*m husband, depending on your state of mind and willingness to use profanity)has not been able to recover any data from it, but we are still not without hope.

And the good news is all the family pictures had been backed up. We lost very few, if any of those!

So, word to the wise -- Get an external hard drive and back up your data EVERY WEEK!! I wish I had.

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