Monday, June 13, 2011

Crickets make lousy house pets.

Doncha hate it when a cricket finds its way into your room and right under your bed and hides out until the deep dark of night before starting to chirp? I think it was louder than a cicada. Probably not, but it was drowning out even the box fan next to my bed. 11:30 pm, 12 am, 1 am, and that sucker was still going strong trying to get some female to join him. Well, it was a bedroom....

I tried sweeping it out of there with a broom, and spraying caustic cleaner under there (409 is a great fly-killer, btw). But all to no avail. It had found a perfect hiding place to play his romantic music (to him at least) when I desperately needed a good night's sleep so I could function at work in the morning.

I love the sound of crickets OUTSIDE at night. Wonderful to go to sleep to. My morning alarm music on my phone even has the sound of crickets in it, come to think of it (It's going off again right now-I believe it's music from King Fu Panda). But practically sharing my pillow? .... one word: Torture!

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