Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's been a while....

So much has happened since last I wrote. Two of my children are MARRIED!!! Still blows me away, but I'm so deeply happy for them. They've made good choices, and I believe that as they stay close to God and the Church, keeping the commandments, they will have great joy and peace in their marriages. Such amazing blessings come from following Jesus Christ. My cup runneth over....

So, November included Chelsey, Mark's bride, receiving her endowments the weekend before Thanskgiving; then Thanksgiving; then Jenny receiving HER endowments that Saturday. Then Chelsey's bridal shower was somewhere in the mix. It's been long enough that I don't remember the date anymore!

Then Mark and Chelsey's wedding on Dec 19th in the Mesa Arizona Temple, then Grandpa's b'day on the 24th, Christmas on the 25th, then leaving on Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa to drive in an RV to Oklahoma for Jenny and William's wedding on the 29th, which took place in the Oklahoma City Temple, then the long drive back to Arizona. 

Then on to January and New Year's, which was very quietly spent at home with the little girls. Then our 25th Anniversary on the 3rd, Grandma's b'day on the 4th, and Jenny and William's Open House on the 8th.

Whew!!! We survived.  

I think it has taken me this long to recover!

Great gratitude for great blessings.

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