Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweeter than Chocolate!

 I just have to say I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’ve been trying to correct a few things in my daily life and am astonished and humbled anew at God’s generosity!

Our stake president gave a talk in Ward Conference a few weeks ago, and I was pierced to the heart because I have not made daily prayer and scripture study with my little girls the highest priority - even more important than physical food.  My hubby also felt the burning desire to correct our course in this. We came home committed to doing better and made a plan. We haven't been perfect by any stretch.  The difficult circumstances we've been in financially have not changed (though I still have hope). Yet, somehow it all seems so much easier than it was! And tonight my heart is so happy - almost like what falling in love feels like!  Sweet beyond measure.

Making even the smallest effort to do as Jesus taught, to pray, to study His Word, to try to be like Him in my actions, even when I fail (which happens many times a day), I'm still so much happier deep down than trying to “go it alone”. His yoke really is easier and lighter than when I try to rule my own life. The spiritual reward for just TRYING to do better, be better, is nothing short of miraculous.

If there's something in your own life that could be improved, give it a shot!  The week's going to pass anyway.  Talk it over with the Lord and ask for His strength and will to accomplish the change you want to make for the better, and see how good YOU feel at the end of a week! 

By small and simple things shall great things be brought to pass.  Nothing tastes as good as the Spirit in my heart feels.  Not even chocolate!

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the reminder! We've really slacked off here in China on our reading...the time flies by and then we realize when we're freezing cold and hiding under the covers that we have forgotten. Tonight, we'll do it even with chattering teeth!